This contest is done! Congratulations to Julie Kim for winning the iPad contest.

Also, congratulations to Nick Marino from Super Haters, he won the iPad2 for helping promote the contest.

A special thanks from TWC to all of the webcomics listed below who helped promote the contest. Check them out folks, they're good active webcomics

Entrants into the Contest

Vex - A Graphic Novel by Brian Shearer & Daniel Paris
High school jock Michael Thomas has it all going for him: Sports, girls, and popularity. Unfortunately, he’s also managed to wrong a few people along the way. Now he’s crossed paths with a gypsy lunch lady who is going to make sure the end of his senior year is a lesson he’ll never forget. Written by Brian Shearer and Danny Paris, Vex is being digitally released at vexthecomic.com. Story by: Brian Shearer & Danny Paris Pencils/Inks: Brian Shearer Colors: Danny Paris
Mighty Martian Studios
G-Rated Action, Adventure, Scifi Comic.
Monkey with a Pencil
A slice of life webcomic, recently started, about one weird artist chick and all the goings on in her life. Sort of a journal comic, with a dash of what the hell thrown in for good measure.
In A Nutshell
A twisted look at those little stories that fill the space between the news.
Welcome to Hereafter
"Welcome to Herefter" is an ongoing webcomic series following Lordon P. God, the founder and CEO of Christ Inc., the universal leader in the soul market. When Lordon is ousted in a corporate takeover, he has to learn to adjust to the retired life, reconnecting with his slacker son Jesus and the other citizens, spirits and deities that live in the city of Hereafter.
Soul Chaser Betty
The story of a girl spending her summer vacation with her grandmother in the country. Oh yeah, she also fights monsters, renegade necromancers and the undead. And it takes place in the awesome 1980s. Go check it out!
Honey & the Whirlwind
Honey and the Whirlwind follows Oliver and Abigail as they search for Truth through alchemy, magic, and adventure. It’s a story about dreams, reality, and everything in between.
Squid Salad
Mystery, Mayhem and all the yummy things! A little slice of everything awesome.
My Manga
MY MANGA is a trifle I wrote one night to hold some manga translations I was doing, or planning on doing. I wanted a simple and beautiful interface but one that would let readers concentrate on the manga page. I picked a few open fonts, three colours, and the new tools of the web, and hop! that was it. I hope you like it... Note: I modified the code above slightly as to make it compliant. There was a missing doublequote near the alt of the img.
Artistic Insanity
A webcomic site about 3 characters; Scotty, Kay, and Tasha that embark on an adventure through college to achieve their dreams of becoming professional artists. On their way to success they run into many silly problems and un-expected conflicts that get in their way.
And Shine Heaven Now
A webcomic about vampires, Nazis, fangirls, and other global menaces. Updated six days a week, seven years and counting.
Nikki Sprite
Serial full-color adventure comic, updated weekly, for mature audiences.
The Black Dragons Chronicles
A WoW webcomic featuring a guild, being the embodiment of Murphy's Laws
??? ~Kurohiko
A website featuring webcomics, art, and crafty creations by the Black Flame Child, Kurohiko. Features 3 webcomic titles and counting!
Gold Coin Comics
Features original characters as they journey through lands with all the usual quirks/flaws of the roleplaying genre. Also features strips from actual video games, such as Final Fantasy, etc.
Calling All Sanity
A webcomic about Not-so-ordinary people trying to cope with the ordinary. A weekly journey into insanity!
Far From Home
Space Pirates and other Sci Fi stereotypes!
Space Base 8
Space Base 8 is a gag-a- day webcomic that updates Mon/ Wed/ Fri.
Metal Jaw Comics
A comedic comic strip about a zombie and ghost who are actually the same person. New updates Mondays and Fridays.
Willow's Grove
Willow's Grove is a webcomic that shows that sometimes small town life isn't always what you expected it to be. Willow's Grove has a new comic every Monday through Friday!
Circus Tree Press
A webcomic about a young girl is being hunted by a creature from her nightmares and her quest to defeat it.
Picpak Dog
The everyday happenings of a big pink dog, a smaller blue cat and everyone else around them.
The Elves of LleuGarnock
Two teenage elves, a twin brother and sister, must learn to work together to save their world.
Where I post sketches from my webcomics and links to my funny things!
The Minion Slayers
Added to my daily blog posting
Ralf the Destroyer
This is the official web site for the newspaper styled comic Ralf the Destroyer. Ralf is an alien who has been hired to destroy a planet that has threatened galactic peace. Unfortunately for us, that planet is Earth. Unfortunately for Ralf, he's a really nice guy.
Furthia High
Furthia High is a furry webcomic detailing the life of the last human going to high school on an Earth populated by furries.
Bean Dip
My sideproject webcomic, holding place for my to come, "awesome webcomics." Hosted by DrunkDuck.
y2cl.net is a hub site for the various web-comics and comic projects I work on. Including AdHap, For The Reels, Inanimate and more.
KnightQuest Online
Home to my webmanga Last Chance The Beast Hunter and fantasy comic KnightQuest The Dark Bane.
Red's Planet
Abducted by a UFO and marooned on a distant planet, 10-year-old Red must find a way to survive with a group of misfit aliens. Red's Planet is an online graphic novel by Eddie Pittman.
The Seven Keys
The Seven Keys is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure webcomic.
Frontier: 2170
The host site for my webcomic, Frontier: 2170
Comic blog, which is itself a comic book character. He tells his stories in pictures. For the contest will be created a special edition of funny adventures of Mr Sviks and his friends. See you on the pages of a comic blog.
Ralf the Destroyer
This is the official site of the newspaper styled comic, Ralf the Destroyer. Ralf is an alien who is hired to destroy a planet that threatens galactic peace. Unfortunately for us, that planet is Earth. Unfortunately for Ralf, he's really a nice guy.
Ballerina Mafia
A furry gag-a-day comic featuring cartoon cats, corpses, giant spiders, and gay furries with straight room mates.
Ralf the Destroyer
This is the official web site for the newspaper styled comic, Ralf the Destroyer. Ralf is hired to destroy a planet that threatens galactic peace. Unfortunately for us, that planet is Earth. Unfortunately for Ralf, he's a really nice guy.
Abmiram: Guardians' Reawakening
Home of the webcomic Abmiram: Guardians' Reawakening, a full-color fantasy adventure by L.L. Scott. Updates every Friday!
Olov Redmalm's Sketchblog
Wayfar is a about a rebellion against an oppressive cyborg regime that has suddenly started to forbid anything artistic or musical. It's about fighting for your right to break free from the norms of society to do whatever you want and be whoever you want.
Il nido del corvo blu
Bluecrow's nest is mainly my blog, but it's also the fastest way to get to all my wecomics and other similar works, tanks to its dedicate section of big bright-coloured buttons
Animatic Press
A satirical weekly comic dedicated to vices, follies and shortcomings of human nature.
Super Haters
A ridiculous superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye. New content is posted daily @ 11 AM EST.
A family friendly comic about little gothic beans, their pets and their escapades. Home of the Emo Lemur.
Red Tails
A swashbuckling adventure of an assassin trying desperately to return to her master, and a gentleman thief trying just as hard to get into her pants.
500 years after the banishment of wizards, the kingdom of Valheigh faces the unthinkable: the rediscovery of wizardry and the return of the legendary evil known as the Jinn.
A Pug Named Fender
A Pug Named Fender (APNF) is a webcomic chronicling the life and times of the coolest pug ever. APNF loves soul & hip hop music (on his trusted iPod touch), barbecue and playing video games when no one is home.
The Superpower Union Webcomic
A webcomic about superheroes.
Back Office
An oddball manga-style office comedy, with the staff of a demented call-center. Part of RAWRtacular Comics.
Fera is a fantasy-adventure webcomic following the epic journey of a group of would-be heroes across their world and beyond. Love, loss and adventure awaits.
TrueNuff Comic
A comic about friends who drink and argue... but mostly drink.
A runaway girl, her dead best friend, and a group of genetically altered creatures try to survive in Earth’s distant future.
The War of Winds
The War of Winds is home to epic fantasy webcomic of the same title, a completed short story comic in that same universe, and an unrelated post-apocalyptic, martial arts survival comic called What it Takes.
What's Shakin'
A fantasy / action / humor webcomic following the adventures of Coffinshaker and his mage friends who are being hunted for his unique powers.
Tales from the Crossroads
Weekly "World of Warcraft" webcomic (Horde-centered).
Eternity Dreams
Teresa disliked contact with the other denizens of the World of Darkness. But she knew that they were all inextricably tied together. Her peace and that of her friends however is shattered one fateful night when the 'others' come to call.
Kenny Chronicles
Kenny is a fox living on a retired cruise ship over 100 years in the future. His girlfriend, Death, is a lemming who can use pretty much anything as a weapon. This is kinda scary for him. Comic uses 3d backgrounds, and even has a theme park in Second Life.
Sonic LIVE! - sprite comic
Sonic LIVE! is a clean comic suitable for all with tons of jokes and funny stuff starring Sonic the Hedgehog and the gang!
Handwritten ASCII
A webcomic of geekiness and sketches
Creeping Me Out!
humour/horror/adventure. When a mysterious new girl starts at school a group of friends' lives are dragged into a world of the undead, robots and talking dinosaurs.
Local Patrol
This is the main site for my webcomic, "Local Patrol" which I do under the name BoomMike.
The Pinfall
Madison Simpson has always aspired to be a professional wrestler. Her brother and his best friend are already an established tag team in DWF (Daredevil Wrestling Federation) known as Rock Affiliation. When the DWF comes to town Madison wants to learn as much as possible. Will she finally get her chance to shine?
Home of the Stil motion Comix. Animation and comicbook mixed for your reading and entertainment pleasure
The Greening Wars
A scifi/noir webcomic with more twists than a spiral helix, and an eclectic cast of characters. Life as we know it is obsolete. Hand inked, full digital color.
Oceanverse chronicles the adventures of Clayton Hemmings and his crew aboard the Red Herring, a submarine in search of the mysteries of the sea. Oceanverse updates every Monday and Thursday.
LIFE Under Construction
A webcomic about the trials and the triumphs of a Life Under Construction. Updates twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursdays.
Line Item Vito
Line Item Vito is an occasionally updated political webcomic.
Stan Yan's Webcomics
The webcomics of Squid Works Comics' Stan Yan, creator of "The Wang", illustrator of "SubCulture", and writer of REVVVElations. See what twisted stuff comes from a reformed stockbroker.
Legendary Boys of Floyd
Humorous look at the combination of coffee and pop culture!
A modern fantasy comic that shows what happens when you peel back the ordinary and see the extraordinary.
Super Siblings
Weekly webcomic for geeks and their kids.
Daily Beatings
A daily educational and/or inspirational blog about the writing and creation of comics of all formats.
21st Century Coeds
A story of the lives of a group of adolescents living in the year 2048, a time where there are cities on the moon, clone civil rights and flying cars. But some things never change. . .
The story of three unlikely roommates learning to live with one another... Among other things.
Slightly Off-Topic
Slightly Off-Topic Webcomic. You're thrice weekly dose of quirky.
Epic Fail
Epic Fail - A funny fanatasy webcomic based on Dungeons and Dragons. Follow our five heroes as they courageously fight (mostly amongst themselves), battle (boredom), and ultimately face the most fearsome enemy of all (paperwork)! Will they succeed in finding an adventure or will they EPIC FAIL?
Broken Soul Press
Home of small press and webcomic publisher, Broken Soul Press. Hosts Divis Morte, Curse of The Black Terror and the blog of Curtis Lawson
The Crooked Adventures of Mr.Hoisington
A ridiculous detective tries to solve stupid situations that he is assigned to.
Annie: a Space Western
A webcomic about a female bounty hunter and the people she meets in a big hostile solar system.
Zombie Ranch
The Great Zombie Plague wiped out a fair portion of civilization, and humans weren’t the only victims of its ravenous hunger. That was years ago, and where cattle and sheep got scarce, practical sorts found a new herd to market: zombies themselves!
Arina and Iji had a fairly peaceful life in Akato Village, but they soon found their lives turned upside down when a fire mage appeared, leaving nothing but destruction in her wake. Just when things seem to be calming down, Arina finds herself pulled into the middle of a 300-year-old conflict, where she must find a way to stop the emergence of a dark power...
Crazy Cal Presents
Anthology website featuring comics for all ages. Multiple stories from a variety of genres. A popular story follows Crazy Cal in his quest to get a job. Other stories feature Charlie Croc the crocodile detective, the Snow Monkey Patrol, and The Barn Owl(a retelling of the Grimm's Fairy Tale).
Two Rooks
A crime noir webcomic.
T/R-andom Watch
T/R-andom Watch A Watch that bends reality, a group of friends caught in a loop of random transformations, and a secret agency of unknown origin. T/R-andom Watch is a webcomic with continuously evolving storylines and artwork.
Emperor GANT
A Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure that follows the story of a young Grecian girl who somehow may hold the secrets to saving the Universe.