Introducing Fables

If you are a webcomic fan and reader, we'd like to thank you first. Your support means a lot to so many of us. However, you will have to wait just a little bit longer before you can join Fables. As for Creators, our team has been working hard for quite some time now, and we've got a lot to offer and discuss with you. First, registrations for are closed, but don't worry—you can get an invite code! While we prepare for Fables' launch in June 2024, we're letting creators set up their accounts and series beforehand. We know this takes time, so we're releasing parts of the site so you can do what you do best! Set up your story to shine! At Topwebcomics, we've been supporting creators since the early 2000s. It's been amazing seeing so many of you succeed with your dreams, and we're not stopping now. Actions speak louder than words, so we're ready to get to work on your behalf. When you're ready to join Fables, reach out to us. We'll help you set up your account and upload your entire comic archive for FREE. We understand joining a new platform can be a hassle and time-consuming, so let us lighten the load. Don't feel bad; we consider it an honor. We have uploaded over a hundred series and are only getting started! You must have a lot of questions because it is super difficult to put so much information in such a limited space. We've got a lot of information to share with you, like our pay structure, because we believe every artist deserves fair compensation. We'll also tell you about our communication methods, how you will communicate with your Subscribers, and much more. Check your inbox—we might have already contacted you about Fables. If not, we will soon. But you don't need to wait; feel free to email us and ask about Fables. We will provide you with the answers you seek. marty (at) fables (dot) pro We're excited to discuss your series and explain everything we have about Fables! With that being said, creating comics can be lonely work. But you're never alone. We are all part of a fantastic community with others who share our passion for creating stories. Therefore, you are welcome to join the Fables Discord channel, where you can find additional information about Fables, discuss our policies and features, and chat with your peers. Come and tell us more about your series! We look forward to having you join us! And if we haven't already, we are excited for our future conversation about your work and Fables.