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New Server & Log in issues

 Yes we're on the new server, no, the log in issues some of you are having probably isn't related. 

Some people use topwebcomics.com to visit TWC, others use www.topwebcomics.com.  Once upon a time, I had script to redirect the user from www.topwebcomics.com to topwebcomics.com.  Why? Well there are SEO advantages, or there were, to using 1 domain so that some search engines don't think you have two (or more) sites up.

Anyway, that script is long gone, so now the system doesn't care if you use www.topwebcomics.com, safe.topwebcomics.com, or topwebcomics.com.

The cookie it set however, when you logged in, would say either www.topwebcomics.com, safe.topwebcomics.com, or topwebcomics.com.  This would force people to re-log in depending on how webcomics linked to the site.

As this wasn't intentional, last Friday or so, I changed it so that the cookie would always use topwebcomics.com.  This wonderfully works for most people to allow them to log in regardless of how people link to the site.

Unfortunately for some of you (and for me on 1 computer if I use Chrome, the same computer works fine with IE9 or firefox), the site logs you in, then acts like you aren't.  I believe this is because you have an invalid cookie registered.  If you clear your cookies, it'll presumably fix it.  If you log into your original URL, say www.topwebcomics.com instead of topwebcomics.com or whatever, it'll also work.

I'm going to write some code that clears all possible bad variations of the cookie, but until thats done, please try one of the other variations of the URL until it works.