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Contest! Win a free copy of Death Angel

Hey all, in anticipation of my review of Death Angel, I'm doing a promotion.  Anyone who clicks the Dark Mythos Facebook "Like" page (visible here) before Wednesday of next week (10/19/2010), will be entered into a drawing to win an unopened copy of Space Hulk Death Angel, the cooperative card game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Want another chance to win or don't have a facebook account? I'm giving out ANOTHER copy of Death Angel if you tweet the following.

Help purge the Xenos Threat, win a copy of Death Angel at http://darkmythos.com #DeathAngelContest @topwebcomics

Ok everyone, I look forward to sending out two copies of the game next week!

Here are some simple rules.

  • Only 1 entry on facebook and 1 entry via twitter per person.  
  • You can only win 1 copy of Death Angel.
  • Please don't violate any relevant terms of service on twitter or FB, this is a nice friendly contest, and I'll have another couple such contests the week after next. :)