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Another PBP Status Update

There are a few cool games looking for players, some already in progress, some about to be.

Unnamed  Thus Far ( Mouse Guard),
Mouse Guard
Status: New
by ArtMonkey (the artist for dndorks in case you're not aware, and an awesome DM). -You play mice protecting mouse society from dangers and such.  How awesome is that? Also, it just won some award at a convention. 
Interested?   Post here: http://forums.dndorks.com/forums/810573/ShowThread.aspx#810573

Jason has premade characters and is running a game with the assumption people won't know how to play, so don't feel intimidated about starting a new game, heck, when I play in his games I remain completely obvlivious to the rules most of the time, I just post RP and ask what and how to roll. ;)

Wrath of the Lord of Skulls
4e Dungeons and Dragons
Status: New
Blazeblader is running this 4e game.  It looks cool, and it looks like hes taking this game very seriously.  He's new on the forums,
Interested? Post here:  http://forums.dndorks.com/forums/thread/810560.aspx

Canageek's New Massive Keep on the Shadowfell game
4e Dungeons and Dragons
Status: In Progress
Canageek is running this game, and as often happens with long games, a few have lost interest or had real life get in the way. 
Want to join and help push the game forward?  Post here:
http://forums.dndorks.com/forums/thread/808873.aspx  <- Already filled!