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Original Tweet from @wilw: Fun Fact: While I am too sexy for Milan (possibly because of my Shirt), I am exactly the right amount of sexy for NY and Japan.

The great irony in songs like I’m Too Sexy is that the “artists” (I use this term loosely) are not, in fact, talking about themselves, but talking as a character.  Rod Stewart said as much in regards to If You Want My Body, which is sang in the third person.  These sorts of songs seem to be flash in the pan bits that are good for a last gasp from a dying artist or good to get a new artist several hundred thousand units sold, and then return their career to Europe (where it invariably started).  I made an observation, some time ago, to my friend that when an musician becomes “self aware” (kinda like Skynet), their career always goes down the crapper.  Think NKOTB and Games as well as N*Sync and Pop, both songs where they decide to talk about how awesome they are…and suddenly, they go Bye Bye Bye (I couldn’t resist).

And before anyone starts thinking that I am hating on Pop music (which all of this is, but then again, when have you heard Pearl Jam, Dylan or Chuck Berry sing about how awesome they are?), I actually really like pop music.  I am a sucker for good choreography and catchy chorus’ (chorusi?, chorus’s…what is the plural on that?), I just find that if a Pop artist has any hope of outlasting their own fad, they need to not acknowledge that they are famous and about as substantial as Tofu.  Madonna never made a “I am a badass” song.  Bobby Brown, however, did.  Suddenly, Bobby is doing crack and has no career.  Then, Britney Spears, in all her wisdom, covers the same damn song and has been fighting back for her career since.  Lesson to pop artists: DO NOT TELL EVERYONE HOW BADASS YOU ARE, you will do better for it (and unlike your posse, I will not charge you for this advice).


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