Downfall - Season 10 Strip 1

Description: July 3, 2009. This one works best as just a sort of reintroduction to the strip, separate from what's come before, I think. I wanted to get back to some really dark humor, and having suicidal thoughts interrupted by work and saying "there goes my day," is probably pretty dark. In fact, this is modified from a script I have had unused for literally about 5 years. I came up with it back in the days when I was being published in my college paper, and backed down from drawing it because I worried it would be turned down. I always liked the nasty irony, though, and everything old is new again, it works perfectly here, I think. The second panel is inspired by JG Jones' art in Wanted, which I had been reading again at the time, and was having a LOT of trouble with the pose I'd wanted. So rather than a crib, let's say it's a tribute. The hood was just something I thought would look cool. I dunno. I am going for kind of a washed out look that I always intended, but then sort of forgot about when I started doing color. 

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