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Native - Native


Limited Time 25-page Anniversary Offer

I will send a Native sticker to any readers who send in feedback for each page to date (1 - 25) before March 31st. Just include your name and mailing address in the comments for page 25. I look forward to hearing from you!


Panel 1. Serung is caught! She turns to face LT BRAND.
SERUNG: Just... easing her into the run of things until she gains her bearings, Lieutenant... slr!

Panel 2.
BRAND: That's a yes, then. Talis, did I hear?
TALIS: Yes, Faewyn Talis, sir.
BRAND: Conslder yourself snatched from thls vulture's clutches, Faewyn Talis. We could always use more good llft personnel.

Panel 3.
BRAND: You'll report to LTJR Rivers at 1600.
TALIS: Yes, sir! ... Rivers, sir?
BRAND: Aye, that's right. Surprised?
TALIS: Well, a bit, sir. I wasn't expecting to see any Vein on a navy vessel.
BRAND: Isn't that why you enlisted? See the world? The People?
TALIS: Sir, yes, sir!
BRAND: Rivers hasn't seen the world, per se, but she's got a story or two that'll get you going. As you were!

Panel 4.
SERUNG: Oh sure, get the job you want AND thwart my plans for ultimate world domination, all in one move.
TALIS: Not my intent, I assure you.
SERUNG: Well if you make a fool of yourself on the deck, remember there's four bushels of potatoes with your name on them!
TALIS: Plan B, got it.


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