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Tranquility Base - Episode #306: Was the build-up worth it? Meh...


Sorry, last Saturday's comic was building up to the gag in panel 2! Which is also a meta-joke because... well... minifig hands and all that. Ok, one of them could turn their hand sideways for "scissors" (although really it's not quite scissors, because they have no fingers), but they both know that tactically that would be stupid, because neither of them can do "paper". Therefore, their best strategy is always to do "rock" (which beats scissors) because they can draw or win, whereas with "scissors" they can only draw or lose, but never win.

What is it that they need from the Admiral that led to their silly rock-paper-scissors attempt in the first place? Why won't he like it, and why will Prime Minister Hudson like it even less? Tune in Saturday to find out!


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