Gin and Comics - I Made it to Gumdrop Mountain and All I Got was Blue Balls


By: Ryan Fisher

The first half of this strip of course refers to the Katy Perry video for “California Girls.” A video that is so damn… (um we’ll go with “memorable” here) that I find myself humming the song although I hate it. Worse yet, I can’t look at a gummy bear without thinking of their unfortunate demise in the video, and after God only knows how many years, I find myself compelled to sit down and play Candyland again. I know it isn’t that interesting but that doesn’t change the desire. As far as the second reference, the one to Zenescope comics. I’m referring to the Grimm Fairy Tale books, that regularly feature nearly naked women on the covers… The reason behind that reference is, well… I just like nearly naked women on my comics.


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