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Who Wants to be a Radio Supervillain?

So I'm alwasy trying to come up with new ideas to bring fun things to your (referring to you, the fans) attention, and it occurred to me that perhaps not enough people know about the free podcast audio drama The Red Panda

So how do I get people to know about this? My thought was this contest TWC is helping sponsor.  Who Wants to be a Radio Supervillain.  The contest involves people submitting ideas for new villains for this show.  The cool thing about the contest is that next season, the winners will get to hear their villain talk, hear them battle it out with The Red Panda.  I'm excited about the contest, and I'm excited about what new villains people will come up with.

So check out the contest, over here, and if you haven't already, go check out Decoder Ring Theatre, all free, all awesome.

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