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Warvember! Update -Tuesday 11/17/09

JC Hutchins needs your help to promote his fantastic book 7th Son Descent.  JC Hutchins is another great example of how creative works can survive and prosper on the internet.  If you haven't listened to it yet, its a free podcast, and he even includes a free pdf as part of his concept of "try before you buy", the listener/readers choose when and if they want to buy the book, which I think resonates with a lot of webcomic authors.

Because I think its such a fantastic example of what many webcomic authors would like to do, start by giving away something for free and eventually have something published, I'm asking for the webcomic authors help promoting JC Hutchin's by joining his Warvember effort!

So here's the deal.  Go here Read about how you can participate, and put an update in the blog portion of your webcomic with one of the banner images.  Email me via rmathis _at_ webcomic dot net or through the contact page letting me know you've enlisted in JC Hutchin's army along with the link, and I'll give you 150,000 impressions of banner advertising for free, either spot the side or the top.  I'll also be adding the links here, so thats even more exposure.

This can be a great opportunity for you to get some promotion on topwebcomics while helping a fellow creative mind, and if you are a fan of a webcomic and you just "know" it deserves more exposure, let them know about this offer.

Update: I just wanted to put how happy I am that we were able to get over 20 webcomics participating.  Sure I'm offering free advertising as an incentive, but still, webcomic authors are a very busy group, I know, I help run in addition to twc.  I'm really appreciative, and I know JC really is too, if anyone appreciates their fans, its JC.  I'm not getting anything out of this, with so much "free", I don't think these engines run on much more than hope and passion, which is something JC inspires, so its cool. :)  Thanks all, lets keep "bringing" it to the war, make the webcomic community count!  AKA, its warvember until the last day of November, so keep those posts coming!

2nd Update: Thanks everyone who participated, warvember is done, for everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for another chance to participate soon!

Comics Participating

Divis Morte:
Andrew's Guide to Mathematics
Planescape Survival Guide 
Fantasy Power
Rival Angels
The Artist Mangee
Taka Comics

Doodle Talk
Children of the Tiger
Blue Milk Special
Soul Chaser Betty
Elysion Age

Nikki Sprite
Dirty Job Comics
Perfect Commando Productions
Edemia World
Forsupen Webcomic
The Oh No! Zone
The Concrete World (7th son post here:  )

The Echo Atonement
A Magical Roommate
Zombie Ranch
The Other Grey Meat
Mint Condition
The Quest For Heroine
Missing Number
Cat Nine
Sharp and Useless


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