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The Din
The Beast Legion
My Life With Fel
Redshirts 2
Dark Wick
Basto Entertainment
Black Wall
Comatose 7
The Tempest Wind
Wind and Wasteland
Plush and Blood
A Song of Heroes
Out of My Element

Rank Changes

Due to some issues with the voting this month, we're restarting this month's competition on Monday. Don't worry about strange numbers until then, but after that report them as usual please. :D

As a side note, I've made it so that if a comic owner updates an existing incentive instead of adding a new incentive, the date changed shows the newest incentive date not the original date.  This is so those of us who like incentives and go through looking for them can know when a comic has updated its incentive rather than the fact that they've been updating the same incentive  from like 4 years ago. ;)

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