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my father passed on the 10th

As twitter/facebook friends know, my father passed away on the 10th. I was had only gotten close to him in the past few years, so its hitting me pretty hard. If I don't reply to communications right away, just give me a week or so. Luckily, there are hard working people working on a couple code upgrades, and I'm emailing the person I want to work with to do the web update today. Please continue to send characters to show your support of TWC! Thank you everyone.
On a lighter note, I had promised to share this comic. I hadn't quite realized it was going to be a viral video promoting Sears, but mildly amusing plus I grew up liking Sears. Plus I'd like more advertising to be done in the form of a comic, since its a medium I generally like. Sears My Funny Valentine

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