Who Wants to be a Radio Supervillain?

Or at least create one...

Attention! The contest is over, congratulations to the four winners!

The Background
   The Red Panda Adventures is a full-cast audio drama series presented as part of the Decoder Ring Theatre podcast at www.decoderringtheatre.com

Now in it's fifth season, the series celebrates the Golden Ages of both radio and superheroes as it follows the masked protectors of 1930's Toronto through the dark days of the Depression and into the storm of WWII. Adventure and mystery are on the menu, and snappy dialouge, sassy sidekicks and two-fisted pulp justice are guaranteed!
The Setup
 I'm not spoiling anything if I mention that World War II is coming, am I? In addition to amassing otherworldy power, scouring the Earth for ancient relics of power and occasionally trying to reanimate the dead, the Nazis have recruited or shanghied supervillains from around the world. Some serve willingly, some under duress... and some are so downright surly that even the Ratzis want nothing to do with them. What will happen when the Red Panda comes face to face with just such a terrible trio?
The Score
Time to let your imagination get carried away, kids. We're looking for three of the worst of the worst... Bad-ass supervillians of any nationality and any skill set. Create your villain and submit it – codename, origin story, powers, personality... whatever you think we need to know! Will the fact that it's radio theatre prevent us from being swayed by an awesome costume design? You know that it won't! We want three bad-guys for the ultimate smackdown... do you have what it takes?
The Universe
It's not a requirement or anything, but you'll stand a better chance if you're familiar with the show and it's world. Visit www.decoderringtheatre.com and look for the Red Panda Adventures on the “Shows” page. They're fun and free. But here's a cheat-sheet: Superpowers do exist. Magic does exist, though it is on the endangered species list. Time travel is possible, though no one in this time is very good at it. Robots, ninjas, aliens and ancient malevolent entities lurking just beyond the boundaries of this world are also in play, if you can sell them. Or you can just strap a rocket to your back and kick some ass the old-fashioned way.
The Fine Print
Anything you submit, writing, pictures, video, clay sculptures, whatever... we can use and display any of it in the show or on our website, fanboards or elsewhere as we see fit. We can use it... but you still own it. If your villain is one of those selected for use in the program, by entering him/her/it in the contest, you are granting us the right to use the character once. You still own the character and retain all other rights beyond use in one episode of the Decoder Ring Theatre podcast. You will be credited in the program's end credits as the creator and copyright holder of your villain, after which you may put him/her/it to any use you like. So don't be shy about sending us the awesome villain you've been working on forever, we have no interest in ripping you off. And you might just get some swell exposure along the way!

Time to Act!

Ok, take your idea and submit it below. Don't stress about it, just do as much as you can.

The Quick Summary

  • Come up with a villain set in a 1930s pulp style world
  • Submit it in the form below
  • Wait...
If your character is chosen, it'll be featured in an upcoming episode of The Red Panda Adventures!

You'll also get exposure here on TWC (and your favorite webcomic!), featured on the after vote page, and of course be the coolest of your friends!

The Mad Monkey
The Mad Monkey, one of Red Panda's classic villains! Drawn by Jason from over at Sarcasticartist.com

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